The scene is a bowling alley;  any bowling, any town, USA. It is relatively modern with digital lights and automatic score keeping (optional).
Three quarters of the stage, taking up most of center and stage left is the lounge area with bar, tables, chairs and other Bowling Alley-type stuff.
Stage right and just up center are several “half lanes” (the audience only sees the first half of the lanes and not the pins and pin retreat, etc.) Balls are thrown past a curtain and into a ball trap backstage. In front of the lanes is a bench and a scoreboard.
It is ideal to have a working ball return, but in cases where that is not possible, you will need to “hand - feed” the balls to return in specifc areas as directed through out the script.
Down right are two doors indicating the men’s and women’s bathrooms with a small playing area in front of the doors. These doors are on rollers and can be turned around and brought to center stage for scenes that will be played in the bathrooms 
Further down right is the entrance to the bowling alley. There is an area just outside the front door (into the bowling alley) where scenes are played.
Immediately up stage and slightly left is a stage where the Bowling Alley Lounge Band plays.


(Photos Below)

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