Cast of Characters

ALLI (Ten Pin Alli) – Ace bowler on the women’s league from the other side of town. Her boyfriend, Bernie, has been killed in a motorcycle crash. Alli is the only one who can replace him if the men's team is going to win the city-wide tournament this year. One problem: no girls allowed on the men's team. So, she disguises herself as a man! The rest is history...


DEAD BERNIE – Was the ace bowler from the Men’s League at the Starlight Bowl but he was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash and appears in the form of a ghost throughout the play.


HELEN – ALLI’s friend and closest confidant. They tell each other EVERYTHING. She’s a little more hard-boiled than ALLI and has a penchant for slapping people.


GRANDMA – She’s really not anyone’s Grandma, they just call her that. She’s a cook, a waitress; she works behind any and every counter in the Bowling Alley/lounge. She’s the only one in the mix who knows the “Secret.” Grandma claims to be good friends with country superstar Toby Keith* (and indeed she is.)

BARFLY - Mostly, she sits at the bar observing and occasionally interacting with BERNIE and oftentimes joins in song or is compelled to interject with a quip or quibble. Like Bernie, she is other-worldly and others are not aware of her presence. 

The guys on Alli's Team (They can also act as band members, if plausible):


TAZ - Piano (nicknamed after the Tasmanian Devil)

OLD FAT LES - Bass (He‘s old and he‘s fat)

CROSS-EYED ROY Guitar (he really is cross-eyed)

DARRYL - Drums (Darryl is a hell of a drummer but he’s dumber than a bucket of paint.)


Opposing Team:


GRISWOLD - Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

HATFIELD - Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

McCOY - Mechanic who plays on the competing team.

BIG DADDY - Mechanic who plays on the competing team.


*Reference to Toby Keith in the script is completely fictitious.


















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