All New Music Tracks from the Phoenix Theatre (AZ) performance of TEN PIN ALLI! (Live Recording)

While I'm Away (Phoenix).mp3

I'd Rather Be a Girl (Phoenix).mp3

Live Performance of "(Big Bad) Motorcycle Man)"

(Big Bad) Motorcycle Man.mp3

Orchestrated Backing Track for "While I'm Away (Reprise)"

While I'm Away (Reprise).mp3

Dangerous Man.mp3

01 Let's Do a Shot!.mp3


Ghost Unplugged.mp3

Grandma's Teeth5.mp3

"Grandma's Teeth" is a playback of a SCORE and not a sequence!

The Bowling Song.mp3



      This is a sample PIANO / VOCAL Chart for "Grandma's Teeth"

     This is a sample PIANO / VOCAL Chart for "It's Still America (to me)"


















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